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At Shea Homes, you'll discover that we do things a little differently. We're a family owned builder of new homes and communities, so we share a personal commitment to our customer's experiences in the homes we build. You'll notice it inside our new homes, where thoughtful design and quality are our hallmarks. You'll notice it in our communities that are designed for the way you live. And you'll experience it through our people, who strive to create a great experience for you at every turn.

Live the difference® when you build with Shea.

When you choose Shea to build your home, you are getting so much more than just a home construction company. Shea Homes offers award winning customer service, and education about homes and the home buyer journey. Shea Homes is here to help at every stage of the building process. If you are new to the housing market, checkout our new home buying guide, which covers topics from renting vs owning to the benefits of buying new. We invite you to raise your expectations, and live the difference at a Shea Homes community.

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  • Benefits of Buying A Former Model Home

      There are tons of great reasons to move into a former model home – particularly a former model from Shea Homes?. When you purchase one of our move-in ready model homes you will get to enjoy all the thoughtfully chosen upgrades, designer finishes, and lushly landscaped yards you’d expect from a development’s crown jewel. […]

    Jun 29 at 9:54 PM • Shea Blog
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